Durban Overall government uniform supplier

Our Purpose

The purpose of the SATTC has always been to drive innovation and best practice to boost the South African textile industry and increase the impact of South African textiles abroad.

A considerable amount of time, effort and expertise are invested into technological developments and installations which ae steadily pushed us towards this goal.

Durban Overall high quality cotton

Market Driven

The SATTC is a market driven vertically integrated value chain cluster consisting of manufacturing entities who form a united force and whose mission is to supply technical products of outstanding quality.

Backed by innovation and creative People, Process and Market development to ensure sustainability in the Textile Industry.

Canvas and Tent Ladysmith factory team

Our Vision

The vision of the South African Technical Textile Cluster is to become recognized globally as suppliers of standard-setting quality and innovation.

Technical Textile products in identified product and market segments, and earn customer’s loyalty by understanding and anticipating their needs.

The Commitment of the SATTC Cluster and its stakeholders are aligned and committed t the dti CSP Vision:

“It’s aim to use all the natural, human and technological resources at its disposal to make South Africa the preferred domestic and international supplier of niche South Africa manufactured textiles and select value chain beneficiated products”.


The Cluster Members are committed to the local procurement drive in South Africa.

The Market Drivers included Process, People, Product and Market.

Process – Efficient workflow and high productivity

People – Workforce profile, supervision, attendance, upskill and retain

Product – Cost, stock, quality and innovation

Market – Analyse, strategy, marketing collateral and implementation, collaboration and non-anti-competitive

Introducing the leaders in their respective fields, Canvas and Tent Manufacturing and Durban Overall.